Wednesday March 11

boycott / divestment working group minutes meeting wed march 11

wiki -
it is set up and needs sorting out - edward to confer with anna
[sorry i dont remember the address, but the idea is we will post our researches there]

list -
we need a new email list - edward to sort one with aktivix, that will take a few days, then will send out new details

national meet -
student congress king's april 18 - let's go there to discuss divestment issues

feedback on research -
first week of summer term

building a movement -
we need to break this into achievable goals… this is a massive campaign that will take years.. some aims we have are:
sussex uni divestment from specific companies - arms trade especially
sussex out of barclays
sussex into co-op
co-op bank on campus
veiola contract break

people are warmly encouraged to attend the following meetings:
fri 13 march - ethical and environmental
fri 20 march - campaigns
both happening in a room on the top floor at the corner of falmer hosue, diagonally opposite to the union, called the south east room (?)

events -
the alternative gradfair - the feeling is we want to do this well, therefore prob better for next year (ie september)
a talk with co-op bank representative and out group presenting our findings in early summer term
a sussex not for sale type rally tied in with a date that is relevant to the uni administration and/or palestine and/or occupation demands

sabbs -
lee and ellie obviously know quite a lot about union policy as it is now, so we need to find out what they know. edward to contact lee.

links with other unis -
could hopefully be made via internet and on april18

palestinian produce -
the tubas solidarity group is selling tomatoes, zatar, trinkets - let's sell them on campus.
zaytoun sell olive oil. let's sell that too!
layla to contact ellie

next meeting - summer term… to be announced on the new list….

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