The Sussex University disinvestment and boycott campaign

Sussex Disinvestment is a site set up to share information about the boycott and disinvestment campaign at Sussex University. Please add information to the forum, attach links etc…

Our campaign currently involves:

  • Holding the University to its stated commitments
  • Investigating companies the University invests in to assess their ethical status (results posted here)
  • Pressuring the University to use an ethical investment advisor
  • Working with sabbaticals to help the Union push for ethical investment
  • Investigating ethical banking and the University's links to Barclay Bank. Current research can be found here.
  • Pressuring the Union to boycott Israeli goods and helping the Ethical and Environment Sabb in her mission to sticker all products with ethical information
  • Pressuring the on-campus vegetable seller not to sell Israeli goods

At a national level we are part of the disinvestment working group formed at National Congress in March at UCL.

Minutes from our meetings.

Our meetings in summer term are Mondays at 3pm in the Falmer Common Room, or just outside if it's nice!

Research links.

Our email list is ten.puesir.stsil|suybdednuf#ten.puesir.stsil|suybdednuf (only really useful for Sussex students)

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