Friday February 6

Friday the 6th of February in falmer common room.


2. Laura tazzioli is on the relevent university committee. once we have the information we should talk to her so that she can go into the meetings knowing which companies we want to see sussex divest from.

3. We will do a stall next wednesday from 1 to 4 in library square to encourage students to boycott israeli products. Jesse said he would get all the neccessary flyers, banners etc and leave them in the room opposite traing room 2 (near the representative association rooms)

4. Sofia will talk to the Think Fresh farmers market about when to arrange a meeting with them. they have indictated that they may stop selling carmel agrexco produce if we speak to them. simon and jesse talked about getting some information on carmel together to show them.

5. edward is researching the universities connections with barclays bank and want to encoruage students to bank with the coop. barclays have a lot of unethical connections. Edward will also look into other student groups around the country working on similar issues.

6. anna will start a new blogspot page where we can put all information we find about companies connected with the university in whatever way and what unethical activity they are involved in.

7. Raz (me) will ask lee vernon for a list of companies connected with the UNion. we can then send this to corporate watch. I will also look into the uni's links with caterpillar through the engineering dept, and see what info is on the uni website about the links to companies through research etc.

we will meet again next friday in falmer common room at 12.
does anyone know how to send forward this on to a list that everyone from the occupation will get?
if someone can do that it would be great.
please invite along anyone else you know who's interested in these issues to the next meeting.

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