The Barclays Bank Unethical Timeline:


Barclays was a major lender to the apartheid regime in South Africa, to the tune of $478 million between 1972 and 1978. Contemporary commentators went as far as saying that Barclays was propping up the leadership.

Source - News24


Barclays withdraws from financing apartheid regime in South Africa - one reason given being
student campaigns.

Source - website


Barclays invest in a huge hydro-electric dam which would destroy the rainforest homelands of native people in Borneo.

Source - Friends of the Earth



In 2000, the British Government sent $92 million in aid, part of a total international aid package of $245 million. Strange then that in 2001 Tanzania bought a military air traffic control system for $40 million from British Aerospace. Apparently even Gordon Brown was against it! So were the IMF, since Tanzania was heavily indebted! Barclays made a concessional loan to the Tanzanian Government to enable the deal to go ahead.

Source - The No-Nonsense Guide to the Arms Trade


Barclays announced as one of the top ten planet trashers

Source - Friends of the Earth

Barclays revealed as a major shareholder in Halliburton

Source - Corporate Watch


Barclays was yesterday accused of playing a vital role in the financing of an Indian hydroelectric dam which will force up to 50,000 people from their homes.

Source - The Guardian


A BBC investigation uncovers rampant defrauding of Barclays customers

Source - Daily Mail

November 2007

Barclays bankrolls Mugabe's brutal regime

Source - The Times

March 2008

Barclays looks into buying 70% of a Rwandan bank

Source - African News Analysis

May 2008

Friends of the Earth joins UN call for banks to stop fuelling harmful biofuel boom:<br>
The new research documents how major UK banks, such as Barclays and HSBC, are investing billions of pounds in biofuels companies one of which is working conditions have been classed as slave labour by the Brazilian Labour Ministry.

Source - Friends of the Earth

October 2008

John Hilary, Executive Director of War on Want:
All top five UK high street banks invest in, provide banking services for and make loans to arms companies. The truth is that if you bank with Barclays, Halifax Bank of Scotland, HSBC, Lloyds TSB or Royal Bank of Scotland your money is directly supporting weapons production. War on Want calls on these banks to stop funding the arms industry and to end their complicity in the fuelling of war and poverty around the world.

Source - Africa Files

November 2008

'Too Risky for Business' shows that Barclays has significant shareholdings in both Alliant Tech Systems (ATK) and Gencorp. ATK is the largest ammunition manufacturer in the US and in addition to uranium weapons it also produces land mines, cluster bombs and parts for Trident nuclear missiles. Gencorp's wholly owned subsidiary Aerojet Ordnance Tennessee Inc. also produce uranium weapons and again have interests in rocket propulsion, warheads and tactical weapon systems. This year Barclays owned shares amounting to 3.1% of ATK and 4.8% of Gencorp.

Source - Campaign Against Depleted Uranium

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